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'I am embarrassed for our city,' Ed Reed says after Ravens' loss to Broncos

The mounting frustrations of a third consecutive loss were on display during and after the Ravens' 34-17 defeat to the Denver Broncos.

That included Ravens Pro Bowl free safety Ed Reed slamming his helmet to the ground after he and cornerback Cary Williams allowed a touchdown pass to Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. Then, Reed booted his helmet soccer-style with the helmet accidentally hitting someone on the sidelines.


During the locker room after the game, Reed was much calmer after donning a conservative three-piece suit.

Reed wasn't done venting, though, about the Ravens' subpar play as they allowed Peyton Manning and company to pile up 350 yards of total offense and 21 first downs.


"I felt like it was Christmas and not for our side," the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year said. "We were in a giving mood. ... We didn't play football. I was embarrassed. I am embarrassed as a player to come out and perform the way we have. As a Ravens nation, as a player, I am embarrassed for our city."

The Ravens have lost three consecutive games, but could still qualify for the postseason.

"You still have a lot of football left to be played, a lot of corrections we could make, and we have to make them," Reed said. "If we don't make them, then it won't be a concern. It will be us at home in January during the playoffs, somewhere I know we don't want to be.

"It hits you in your heart when you lose three straight and you had an opportunity to close our your division the last three weeks. It's terrible. It's what all you guys have been saying about us right now. Regardless of us not listening to it or not worrying about it, it's just been the truth. We've just acted on it to come out and lose today."

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Reed said he has friends on the Broncos' roster, but wasn't in a mood to exchange greetings afterward.

"I know a bunch of guys over there and I didn't shake hands today," Reed said. "I was just hurting as a player for mistakes that we made."

Besides being beaten by Decker on a double-move for the score, Reed got hurdled by Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno.

"I was not expecting him to jump, honestly," Reed said. "I couldn't react because I was dealing with a lot of sickness early in the game. I just wasn't all the way into it, honestly. I was dealing with flu symptoms and everything. I just kind of watched him jump over me.


"I wasn't expecting that at all. I thought he was was ready to put his head down. I saw him gathering himself, so I was like, 'There's no way he's going to jump.'