With 12 draft picks, the Ravens have the option of taking a flyer on a late-round running back, but it certainly won't be a priority. Pierce, whom they traded up to select in the third round last year, solidified the position following the surprising retirement of Ricky Williams last offseason. Allen is a key member of the Ravens' special teams units, so his roster spot appears secure. That doesn't leave much room for anybody else, and Rainey (pictured) is a guy whom the Ravens want to take a longer look at after he had a standout preseason last year. With the Ravens continuing to transition into a passing team, it's hard to see them investing an early to mid-round pick on a running back. However, the organization has long believed in drafting the best player available regardless of position, so if a back they like falls into the later rounds, don't be shocked if the Ravens pull the trigger.
David Welker / Getty Images
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