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Adrian Amos' NFL draft diary: Chapter Nine

Editor's note: As Penn State free safety Adrian Amos gets ready for the NFL draft, the former Calvert Hall standout will be sharing details about his preparations with Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. The 6-foot, 218-pound All-Big Ten Conference honorable-mention selection has been projected anywhere from the third round to the fifth round by draft analysts. Amos improved his 40-yard dash from 4.56 seconds at the NFL scouting combine to 4.39 seconds at his campus Pro Day workout and also bench-pressed 225 pounds 21 times. Here's his ninth entry in the series:

I worked out for an AFC team this week at Penn State. They asked me not to mention them in my diary. They said they read my diary, which is cool. The workout went really well. I did safety stuff and corner stuff and their coach even had me do some linebacker-type drills and special teams stuff.


It was just regular defensive back stuff. It was self-explanatory. It was a lot of the same stuff I've been doing all my life: backpedaling, running, catching the ball.

The AFC team said I did real well. It's about the way they look at you and they have their system for doing things. Where you go is a lot about situations and where they have success and where they see your value. I really can't get a good picture of where teams see me. I'll believe how much these teams like me when draftday.


I'm trying to show them what I'm about and do well in the interviews and do well in the drills and footwork.

I worked out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers safeties coach, Mikal Smith [son of Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith]. That went really well. He told me a lot about their defense and how I fit in their defense. I did classroom stuff for each coach. They want to see how I understand offenses and defenses, my understanding of formations and tendencies, my understanding of the game.

I want to show that I can do everything. A year ago, people were saying my tackling was my strong suit and the way I hit and used words like "ferocious tackler." They said they don't know if I'm fast enough to cover. Now, they say I'm fast enough to cover, but will question my tackling.

It doesn't bother me at all. It's a difference between what's portrayed in the media and what's actually going on. One person will say something and people will jump on the bandwagon and say it's a flaw. I'm just trying to show I can do everything: tackle, cover and run. When given the opportunity, I will.

I filmed, "Hey Rookie" with ESPN. It was pretty cool. They asked me a lot about Penn State and my experiences. They came to my workout and we went to the stadium and shot some things. We went to lunch. My agent, Marc Lillibridge, was there with me.

This weekend, I'm with my family. We'll paint some Easter eggs, something like that. We'll go to church in the morning. Easter Sunday is one of the best services every year. A lot of people come out for that. That's the time that some people get saved. I don't like when people say, "Well, that person only goes to church on Easter." That might be when people find Christ. I say, "At least they're going." It's a great weekend.