2) Asa Jackson has been the Ravens' most confusing performer for two weeks.

For the longest time, no one on the roster seemed equipped to seize the returner spot vacated by Jacoby Jones.

Then Asa Jackson busted out with a 103-yard kickoff return Saturday against the Washington Redskins and followed it up with a 53-yard punt return against the Falcons.

So, end of story, right?

Umm, no. Jackson followed each of his big plays with a fumble on a punt return. His gaffe Thursday led directly to an Atlanta touchdown.

Coaches hate, hate, hate special teams turnovers. As much as the average coach loathes them, John Harbaugh despises them even more fervently. I can’t envision him and special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg using a guy they don’t trust back there. And how can they trust Jackson at this point?

Yet he’s the only one who has been at all dynamic in the return game.

Add all that up, and it’s hard to imagine the Ravens not looking for an outside option after other teams make their final cuts.

Brynn Anderson / Associated Press
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