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2. Will the Ravens' passing game wake up from its slumber?

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had some erratic moments against the Pittsburgh Steelers as he was outdueled by Charlie Batch. Now, he's on the opposing sideline from Redskins dynamic rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Flacco struggled with his deep-ball accuracy against the Steelers, and that was at home, where he traditionally has played much better than his road efforts. At home, Flacco has completed 63.3 percent of his throws for 1,800 yards, 11 touchdowns and four interceptions for a 100.7 quarterback rating. On the road, he has been mediocre at best with 55.3 percent accuracy for 1,238 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions for a 70.2 quarterback rating. The Ravens have big decisions to make about Flacco and his financial future as he heads into the final weeks of his original rookie contract. They put a big offer on the table for him in August, one they believed he would accept. Once the contract talks broke down, they've been nonexistent, with both sides dug in on their respective positions. The talks will be revisited after the season. If they can't come to an accord, Flacco will likely become the RavensÂ’ franchise player, which will buy them time to keep talking. The tenor of these talks, and the amount of money, will hinge on how he performs in games where his performance will be measured against the quarterback across the field, starting with Griffin, then Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Andy Dalton.
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun
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