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WWE announces the release of Big Cass

Aaron Oster
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WWE didn’t mince words in announcing it was parting ways with Big Cass. It was a very succinct statement: “WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass).”

When the entertainment company releases someone, it usually posts a statement on its website. But this one was much shorter and it didn’t have the typical ending with the WWE wishing the superstar well in future endeavors.

The timing of this is fairly shocking, as he was just involved with a high-profile feud against Daniel Bryan, and involved in back-to-back PPVs. As for why, it doesn't immediately seem clear. Much of it seems to stem from an incident on May 2 where Big Cass went off-script.

The segment was one where Big Cass, in the build toward his match with Bryan, brought out a “mini Daniel Bryan” to run down. According to a report from Dave Meltzer, he was simply supposed to give the fake Bryan a big boot and leave.

Before the segment, he had asked the creative team, and Vince McMahon himself, if he could deliver more of a beating. He was told no, however, as we saw on TV, he decided to do this. At the time, Meltzer reported that Cass simply "had heat" from the incident, as he had defied the orders of McMahon and the writers.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there were other incidents that contributed to the firing, including some disorderly conduct on the WWE's most recent European tour. McMahon personally fired Cass, as he called him into a meeting before Smackdown and delivered the news.

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