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Who would be best manager for Red Sox?

Farrell is right guy

Paul Doyle


Hartford Courant

After waving goodbye to Terry Francona a year ago, the Red Sox reportedly made a bid for Blue Jays manager John Farrell. The Jays asked for starting pitcher Clay Buchholz as compensation, and the talks came to a halt.


Enter Bobby Valentine, who presided over one of the worst seasons in franchise history. With Valentine ousted, all signs point again to Farrell.

Smart move. Farrell is the perfect choice to satisfy all factions in the dysfunctional Red Sox organization, providing Boston and Toronto can work out reasonable compensation.

He is said to be liked and respected by ownership and those in the baseball operations, and was popular during his stint as pitching coach.

Time for Martinez

Dave van Dyck

Chicago Tribune

How about someone who is close to the players, friendly with the media, experienced and champing at the bit for a big league job? Oops. Terry Francona already has come and gone in Boston. But he would have been a perfect replacement. So now we're down to searching for the next Terry Francona.


The Red Sox seem determined to bring back John Farrell, and Jason Varitek fits into the homegrown Mike Matheny-Robin Ventura mold. But our choice is Davey Martinez, the Rays bench coach who interviewed last year for the job. He knows the division up and down, has learned from the very best in Joe Maddon, and his quiet, player-first style would be a refreshing contrast to the confrontational approach of Bobby Valentine.

Ausmus would do well

Bill Shaikin

Los Angeles Times

The Red Sox desperately want to hire Blue Jays manager John Farrell, Boston's old pitching coach. But the Blue Jays just wrapped their worst season in eight years, and to say Farrell is tight with some of the same players that launched a mutiny against Bobby Valentine might not be a plus.


We'd recommend Brad Ausmus, the former Dodgers catcher. Ausmus grew up in New England, and he moderated the strong personalities in the Bagwell/Biggio/Berkman clubhouses of the Astros. He has not managed in the minors or the majors. But the stigma against inexperienced managers has all but disappeared. Ausmus is smart, patient and untainted by any ties to chicken and beer. He'd do well.

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Hail Orioles coach Hale

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

After seeing the way Buck Showalter turned around the Orioles, I would look to his staff and hire third base coach DeMarlo Hale as quickly as possible. Hale has worked for Showalter in Texas and Baltimore, and coached under Terry Francona in Boston.


So he has learned under Showalter, who lets no detail go unattended and has won everywhere he has been. In addition, Hale knows the players in Boston from his time under Francona. Some will say he's too connected to Francona and that the team wanted to go in a new direction. That didn't work. Remember, Francona won two World Series titles.

The Red Sox should embrace Hale's experience (he was a successful minor league manager) and having coached for winners, and make the hire.