Will the Orioles win Game 3 of the ALCS in KC?

We’re back at Connolly’s, where we’re gonna start pricing our rail drinks based on how many points the suddenly, high-powered Ravens offense scores weekly.

I’m kidding about that – I’m gouging you people with ridiculous prices, because you can’t stay away from the witty banter – and I’m not turning to football yet.

The bartending crew – Pete Schmuck is really just a keg lifter, but we try to include him – is all in Kansas City. We’re chewing on barbecue and the idea of the Orioles’ season ending in Kauffman Stadium.

We’ve had fun doing daily game predictions during this postseason. And that’s important because, frankly, we haven’t been particularly good at it. And now I, for one, am readjusting my initial series prediction. I had the Orioles in 6; I’m now saying the Royals in 6 – I think the Orioles can squeak out two here, and then will lose at home. Go figure.

Ed Encina also had the Orioles in 6; he’s now saying Royals in 5.

Schmuck, our ever-optimist initially had the Orioles in 6 and, gosh darn, he is holding onto that one.

“It looks bad,” Schmuck said, “but if I change now I have a chance to be wrong twice.”

So Mr. Integrity has the Orioles winning Game 3, 6-3 (assuming it isn't rained out Monday). I have the Royals going up 3-0 in the series with a 4-1 victory Monday. Ed says Royals, 5-3.

Now it is your turn.

Daily Think Special: Will the Orioles win Game 3 of the ALCS in KC?

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