Once again, the American League Championship Series forecast is cloudy

Major league officials were relieved when the Orioles and Royals were able to play Game 1 of the American League Championship Series at Camden Yards in spite of a constant threat of rain.

They might not be so lucky on Monday night.

The forecast calls for a 100 percent chance of rain during the day and a 90 percent chance of rain on Monday night in the Kansas City area. If Mother Nature makes it impossible to get the game in, the same scenario will apply that was in play in Baltimore.

Game 3 would move back a day and so would Game 4 and a possible Game 5. If the series moved back to Baltimore, there would be no day off between Games 5 and 6.

Buck Showalter was asked during his news conference at Kauffman Stadium whether he was concerned about the possibility of the ALCS being disrupted.

“I think your first thought is about the fans,’’ he said. “I know it was a big day for our fans in Baltimore, and I’m sure it is the same here. So, that’s my first concern.”

In Baltimore, the forecast improved throughout the day and there was only a few light showers during Game 1. The unpredictability of the weather in the Mid-Atlantic region is legendary, but Showalter said it has nothing on this part of the midwest.

“We don’t have the Chesapeake Bay here … we have the Missouri River,’’ he said. “I tell you one thing, Kansas City has the best rainstorms I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the dugout fill up here in about three minutes. The most unbelievable lightning storms I’ve ever seen. Right? You all know what I’ve seen. Tornadoes.

“But you asked me about the weather concern. Just means we’ll probably lose the off day. Right now, we’re more concerned about getting there.”




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