After Game 2, Royals' Ned Yost says he will 'take bloop hits all day long'

The Kansas City Royals had 13 hits in their 6-4 victory over the Orioles in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series at Camden Yards on Saturday.

Except for a fourth-inning solo home run by Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas -- his fourth of the postseason and his second against the Orioles -- none of the hits traveled more than 300 feet.

While the collection of broken-bat bloop doubles, seeing-eye singles and at least one crucial swinging roller by second baseman Omar Infante to start Kansas City’s two-run rally in the ninth inning caused many Orioles fans to grumble about their team’s bad luck, Royals manager Ned Yost called it “good hitting.”

Yost wouldn’t apologize for the way his team manufactured its runs Saturday compared to the three home runs the Royals hit in Game 1, including two in the decisive 10th inning of the 8-6 victory.

“I’ll take bloop hits all day long,” Yost said. “They get bloop hits, too. They’re a little bit aggravating like [Eric Hosmer’s] hit in the first inning that scored two runs. You would much rather see a sharp line drive single than a bloop hit that the shortstop almost got you.

“It works against your mindset a little bit. ‘Hey that other club is just real lucky right now.’ We’ll take anything that we can get right now. Anytime it hits the outfield grass, we’ll take it.”

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