Royals legends are relieved to see this team create 1985-like memories

Those are the Royals over there in front of all the cameras. That’s Eric Hosmer on the cover of Sports Illustrated. That’s him and his teammates making the funnest kind of off-the-field news by dropping around $15,000 on a bar tab to say thank you to fans. That’s James Shields starting for the third time in five playoff games for a franchise writing a brilliant, welcome and enthralling new history.

And that’s George Brett, off to the side — always off to the side now — thankful for it all and saying something that may surprise you.

“I’m tired of talking about 1985, I really am,” he says. “I am sick and tired of it. You know? You can only look in the past for so long.”

This is a sentiment long shared by Brett and others who pushed the Royals to a proud time as one of baseball’s best organizations in the 1970s and 1980s, and World Series champions in 1985. They’ve talked about this in the past, usually privately, and usually in conversations about the organization needing to create a new pride instead of holding on to an old one.

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