Tigers fans nearly invisible in sea of orange

No man is an island perhaps, but Ben Savage was quite a lonely speck of Tiger blue in the sea of Oriole orange at Camden Yards on Thursday.

Savage was a long way from his hometown, but not so far from his adopted town of Ellicott City. He moved to the area in 2003 as an intelligence specialist for the Navy and brought his love for the Tigers.

"There was lots of anxiety until Saturday," said Savage, 39. That's when his team finally clinched a postseason berth. "We didn't know if they were going to play so I waited to get tickets."

Meaning, hello StubHub, where he landed a nice box seat near the Tigers dugout, where he waved to a couple of players, who likely were glad to see one of their own in what otherwise was enemy territory — but not on the level of antagonism that you might find in the stadium of a true rival.

Doug Emeott, another Tigers fan, said he felt largely "invisible" at Orioles Park.

"People don't really even acknowledge us," said Emeott, 30, a native of Flint, Mich., who attends graduate school in Washington.

"I've got no problems with Orioles fans," said Savage, who works in IT project management for the Defense Department.

"I don't dislike the Orioles, I wish them well," he said. Then he paused to politely advise a father-son duo in front of him to "cover their ears" before he went on.

"Just not against my team."

His prediction: "Detroit in four."

But if it goes longer?

"I'll be here for Game 5."

Jean Marbella

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