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After lengthy absence, Fred Manfra returns to radio for Tuesday's game

Orioles radio broadcaster Fred Manfra’s familiar voice returned to the airwaves Tuesday for the first time since the first week of the season.

Manfra, who has worked on the club’s radio broadcasts since 1993, expected to only miss a month after undergoing a right hip replacement procedure in early April. But he needed a second surgery that kept him out for a total of 80 games. Both surgeries were performed by team orthopedist Dr. Michael Jacobs.

Manfra said it was difficult being away from the club for an extended amount of time.

“With the ebb and flow of a baseball season, you want to be there when things are going well, and you see this ballclub, and you want it to do well, especially being born and raised in Baltimore and being an Orioles fan, and now an Orioles broadcaster,” Manfra said. “Sometimes in the ballpark it’s not as frustrating as it is listening at home or watching at home.”

Manfra, who is still using a cane, said he is still working to get strength back in his hip. He plans to be with the team for the rest of the season.



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