Orioles first baseman Chris Davis talks about hitting home run No. 50

TORONTO -- After Orioles slugger Chris Davis hit his 50th home run of the season, tying Brady Anderson's single-season club record, in the Orioles 5-3 win over Toronto, he spoke to reporters about the feat and the win.

Here's the complete transcript of what Davis said: 

[On No. 50 coming in a win]
I’ve said it all along, it’s nice to have personal goals and to reach your own goals, but when the team is winning that’s what makes it that much sweeter. We’ve really battled the last couple of days. I think we had a couple of games where we were in them and we were able to seal the deal, but tonight it was big to come from behind and get the win.

[On rebounding from losses to Yankees]
Those were tough losses. We were right in those games and we gave oursleves a chance to win against a good team. To start this road trip off with a win is huge for us.  It was good.

[On thinking about hitting No. 50]
It’s nice. It was obviously in the back of my head. I wanted to go out there and do whatever I can to get a win, but it was in the back of my mind. When you get close, you probably think about it more than you should. I felt like I had some good at bats earlier in the game. I was driving the ball well the other way and up the middle. I was able to get that ball up in the air and let it fly.

[On his approach in the at-bat]
I knew I barreled it up but I kind of just tried to go the other way with two strikes. I’ve faced Steve a few times and you can’t look for his split as hard as he throws. I was just trying to put a good swing on it and stay through it.

[On the impact of the homer]
I think it was more about putting us on top right there. It was a big point in the game where we needed to get the momentum back and it gave us a jolt right there. And to get another run on top of that was huge.

[On what he thought when it went out]
Thank you, God. It’s a humbling feeling to be in the same company with the guys I’m in. It’s one of those things where you appreciate it and move on.

[On what hitting 50 homers means]
It’s crazy. I feel like I’ve been swinging the bat well all year. There have been times when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out but thankfully they’ve been few and far between. It’s a tough game to go out there and do it every day. It says a lot about the guys who do it.

[On where this homer ranks among all-time for him]
It’s up there. The first thing I thought when it went out was, thanks goodness we got the lead back. This is a long road trip and obviously very crucial games. To start off with a win is huge.

[On the chase of the franchise record]
I think the other night when I hit 49, I felt like I was never going to hit another one again and I ran into one. I felt like I had some good at bats and I was staying through the ball. Now that that one’s behind me, I can take a little breath.

[on Brady Anderson]
He’s been awesome. I think he would have liked for me to do it at home, but he’s been really good and I have a lot of respect for Brady and the fact that we’re good friends makes it that much sweeter.

[Whether he was able to retrieve the ball (He was later presented the ball by an Orioles fan)]
I think this is probably a tough crowd to get a ball back. I didn’t see the ball get thrown back, but hopefully we can rustle it up.

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