Ellicott City man ensures Chris Davis gets his 50th home run ball

TORONTO -- Asked if he had received his historic 50th home run ball from the left-center field stands of Rogers Centre Friday night, Orioles slugger Chris Davis didn’t sound too optimistic he’d be able to retrieve it.

“I think this is probably a tough crowd to get a ball back,” Davis said with a smile. “I didn’t see the ball get thrown back, but hopefully we can rustle it up.”

But just moments later, Ellicott City resident and Orioles fan Steve Houff was escorted with four friends to the outside of the Orioles clubhouse with a gift for Davis.

Houff presented Davis with the ball, which he said he purchased from a Blue Jays fan for $100. All Houff wanted in return was a handshake and for Davis to pose for a few photos with his friends.

He received much more. Davis signed one of his bats for Houff, as well as an autographed ball. Houff's friends also received autographed balls.

“We’re here the whole weekend,” Houff said. “ Hopefully we will catch 51 tomorrow."

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