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Orioles' home attendance, merchandise sales and TV ratings all make significant gains in 2013

The Orioles have reported significant gains this season in home attendance, merchandise sales and television ratings.

The club reported that home attendance is up 15 percent from last season. With eight home dates remaining in the regular season, the Orioles are currently on pace to draw about 2.4 million fans, which would be the highest season total since 2005, when the club drew 2.6 million to Camden Yards.

The Orioles’ percentage increase in attendance is second highest in the majors behind Toronto. In terms of total attendance numbers, the Orioles’ attendance increase is third among all major league clubs, trailing only the Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Through 73 home dates, the Orioles reported they are averaging 29,216 fans per game, which is still in the bottom half -- 18th of 30 major league teams -- of baseball, but that’s still up from last season’s 26,611 average, which ranked the Orioles 20th.

The Orioles, who have drawn an announced 2,132,773 this season, have already surpassed last season’s total of 2,102,240, even though the Orioles played just 79 home dates because of two double-headers last season.   

The Orioles also reported that their merchandise sales are up 89 percent compared to last season, which is the largest percentage increase in the major leagues. Those sales figures are exclusive to merchandise sold on MLB.com.

The Orioles’ regional sports network television ratings on MASN are also up 50 percent, the club reported, which is the second largest ratings percentage increase in the majors. The Orioles are on pace for their best RSN season rating on record since 2001.

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