Orioles not close to deal as trade deadline nears, may wait for waiver period

Closing in on the last hour before the non-waiver trade deadline and I have a quick breather to tell you what I’ve heard.

And that’s that the Orioles aren’t particularly close to a deal. Now there’s the caveat that things can change rapidly. And we’ve seen it happen before.

But right now it looks like they may not get anything done.

One industry source said that’s not for a lack of trying. They are apparently still contacting several teams today, but they don’t want to take on a ton of salary or give up their best prospects. And unless the demands come down, they will wait for August, when players must clear trade waivers before being dealt.

Dan Duquette has the OK to add salary, but the combination of adding it and giving up certain prospects has not been palatable at this point.

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