Baltimore Orioles

A look at the Orioles' record by uniform combination this season

You might have a lucky Orioles jersey, the one you always wear when the O's badly need a 'W.'

But as superstitious as baseball players are, there's surely no correlation between uniform choices and a team's success, right?


Chris Creamer's might beg to differ.

The website has a post that breaks down every team's record this season based on each different uniform piece worn. (Hat tip to intern extraordinaire Daniel Gallen, who tweeted this out.)


According to Creamer's stats, the Orioles are at their best (20-15) wearing the traditional home whites. They're 20-18 in the road grays and a combined 2-0 with the home and road jerseys that featured that camouflage print.

The Orioles haven't been very good on home Saturdays, going just 2-5 in their bright orange tops.

They're 8-6 when wearing the black alternate jerseys -- 5-1 at home and 3-5 on the road.

And you were wondering why the Blue Jays have been so disappointing this season? Toronto has a winning record in every jersey except one -- the Jays are a woeful 3-15 when wearing their road grays. (Mothball those and this AL East race might really heat up.)

Of course all of this means absolutely nothing and should be taken as the least important thing you've read about the Orioles throughout the entire All-Star break.

Then again, the O's have been a completely different team since bringing back the cartoon bird last season, so...