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Orioles receive second pick in 2014 competitive balance lottery

The Orioles have picked up an extra top pick for next year’s amateur draft thanks to the second year of the competitive balance lottery.

As part of the most recent collective bargaining agreement, the 10 clubs with the lowest revenues and the 10 in the smallest markets are placed into a lottery each year, and six are awarded picks directly after the following year’s first round amateur draft.

The remaining clubs (12 total this year) that fall into the low revenue/small market/revenue-sharing recipient categories receive picks after the 2014 second round.

The Orioles ended up with the second overall pick following the completion of next year’s first round – which at this point will be 31 teams deep. So, for now, the Orioles will receive the 33rd pick of the next year’s amateur draft. That could change slightly, however, depending on which teams sign compensation-eligible free agents this winter.

In 2013, the first year of the competitive balance compensation round, the Orioles had the 37th overall pick and used it on Georgia high school outfielder Josh Hart.

The Orioles actually had the worst odds in this year’s lottery after winning 93 games last year; the St. Louis Cardinals were the only other team in the lottery that made the playoffs last year. But only the Colorado Rockies will pick higher than the Orioles in next year’s supplemental round.

Here is the order for Round A (following the first round): Colorado, Orioles, Cleveland, Miami, Kansas City and Milwaukee. And in Round B: San Diego, Arizona, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

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