Adam Jones as a lion, Chris Davis loving breakfast and Manny Machado's music

NEW YORK -- The media crush at the All-Star Game isn’t anywhere close to that of the Super Bowl, but for baseball players it’s the biggest individual, rapid-fie scrum they’ll experience.

And there were plenty of non-baseball questions thrown the Orioles’ way on Monday. So after trying to give you as much baseball as we can here in Orioles Insider, here’s a quick departure and some stuff that’s so far inside, that I never thought – or will think – to ask. 

So, yes, Adam Jones was asked if he were an animal, which animal would he be?

“Lion. I’m a Leo,” Jones said. “I like to command respect, I get it and we run the show.”

Chris Davis was asked about his nutrition – I was around him for about 15 minutes and didn’t hear any steroid questions, by the way, though he again stressed he believes Roger Maris’ 61 is the true home run record – and Davis said he eats healthy about 80 percent of the time and not-so-healthy the other 20 percent. Especially on Sundays, when he loves to devour breakfasts.

“[On my cheat day] I’ll eat whatever I want. Donuts, pancakes. I love breakfast. Chicken fried steak is my favorite meal,” he said. “I’m as Southern as it gets.”

Davis was asked how he was going to mentally prepare for the Home Run Derby: “I’m about to take a nap.”

Manny Machado was asked what his favorite music video is right now. The 21-year-old said he hasn’t had much time to watch anything while playing baseball, but he did give the guy from a radio station a little insight into his musical tastes.

“I actually started listening to the new Jay-Z, so I think that’s up there right now,” Machado said. “And Kanye [West] is the man, Kanye is up there too.”

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