Orioles surprise pitching prospect Kevin Gausman with special supply of mini-donuts

Orioles pitching prospect Kevin Gausman, who is in his first big league camp this spring, received a special welcome to the clubhouse from center fielder Adam Jones on Sunday morning.

When Gausman -- who was the Orioles’ first-round pick (fourth overall) in last June’s draft -- pitched at LSU, he developed a ritual of eating three powdered mini-donuts between innings when he pitched.

It’s a habit that he’s continued in his early days as a pro with the Orioles, but he didn’t do it in his final two starts of last season, and said he’s considering cutting out the routine entirely this year.

After Saturday night’s workout, Gausman received a call from pitching coach Rick Adair telling him to show up after 8 a.m. because the veteran players had an activity to do.

When he arrived Sunday morning, Gausman’s entire locker was filled with mini-donuts. Gausman estimated it was a total of 1,700 circles of caloric-powered perfection. A Hostess sign (Hostess' brand of "Donettes" was Gausman's favorite until the company ceased operations) was placed above the nameplate of his locker and inside was a message to “Eat Up” signed from Jones.

It definitely gave a new meaning to Jones’ often-used Twitter hashtag #StayHungry. Gausman obviously shared bags of donuts with his teammates.

The word is that the Orioles clubhouse attendants went to five different local grocery stores here and cleaned the stores out of mini-donuts.

So if there’s a sudden powdered mini-donut shortage here in Sarasota, this is why.

(Photo is from teammate Zach Britton's Twitter account: @zbritton)

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