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Orioles playoff shares announced

The Orioles' first postseason in 15 years paid the team $2,124,312.75 in postseason shares.

For advancing to the American League Division Series, each player who received a full playoff share earned $34,825.61.

The Orioles issued 54 full shares, third most of any postseason club (the Yankees issued 58 and the Cardinals 56), and also issued 5.85 partial shares and 25 cash awards.

By comparison, Giants player shares were worth $377,002.64 for winning the World Series

The postseason share pool is formed from 50 percent of gate receipts from the Wild Card game, and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the ALDS, American League Championship Series and World Series.

They are divided among the ten postseason teams. In past seasons, when just eight teams made the postseason, the four second-place teams that didn't make the postseason also received shares.

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