Maryland State police react to report that troopers asked for Yankees' autographs

The Maryland State Police have taken steps to remind officers of proper behavior when providing security at Camden Yards after a report said two troopers asked New York Yankees players for autographs during Sunday night's American League Division Series opener.

The report from the New York Post said troopers, assigned to provide security around the Yankees dugout, asked Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher for autographs during the ninth inning of the Orioles’ 7-2 loss.

Greg Shipley, a spokesman for Maryland State Police, said he could not confirm troopers had asked for autographs but said the MSP is investigating the claim and has "reacted as if it did happen."

Lt. Col. Andrew J. McAndrew, the MSP's field operations bureau chief, was at Monday night's game to remind troopers of their duties and to oversee their actions, Shipley said. Officers routinely provide security at Camden Yards, with an increased presence during important, highly attended games.

Shipley called McAndrew a "pretty high-powered person" for troopers to hear from directly, and said the message won't be missed.

"We expect the troopers to be there for the reason they are there, and to act professionally," Shipley said. "We regret any inconvenience this has caused the Orioles."

The Orioles deferred comment to the state police.

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