Matt Wieters' wife gives birth

Matt Wieters  and his wife, Maria, had their first child, a boy, this morning at 5:11.

Maverick Luther Wieters was 8 pounds, 2 ounces. He cries from both sides of the crib.

No word on how long Wieters will be away from the team – he can go on paternity leave for a few days – but knowing Matt it won’t be long.

Wieters’ mom and dad were in town this week and on Wednesday I joked with his dad about what he was more excited about -- the pending birth of his grandson or the Orioles in a pennant race. Richard Wieters is a former minor league player and lives and dies baseball.

But he smiled and without hesitation said the birth of his grandson.

Congrats to the Wieters family.

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