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Some Orioles' comments about Dylan Bundy's call-up

Here are some other quotes from Orioles about Wednesday’s call-up of 19-year-old pitching phenom Dylan Bundy:

Closer Jim Johnson on whether he was surprised by the promotion: “I don’t know if you can be surprised with as many call-ups and transactions as we have had. But I’m sure he’ll be fine. They are not going to put him into a position that’s not going to be good for him. Buck’s really good about that. Obviously, with the way the game went last night, an extra arm does us a little bit of good. He’s on the roster, so why not?”

Johnson on Bundy, the 19-year-old: “He’s not a normal 19 year old. He is very mature. He’s got a lot of intangibles that other 19 year olds don’t have. So I don’t think it is going to be as big of a deal as people think it is. Obviously, he is a young guy, you guys shouldn’t put too huge of expectations on him. But we’ll see how things work out with him. They don’t know exactly how they’re going to use him.”

Johnson on Bundy beginning in the bullpen: “It’s going to be going to be good for him in the long term. Getting any experience at this level, and obviously there are a lot more (experiences) going forward because of where we are in the standings. People can tell him what he needs to do, this and that and the other thing, but for him to actually experience it, it’s going to be the best for him I think.”

Manny Machado on Bundy’s promotion: “It’s just going to help out this ballclub. He’s a great pitcher. He’s shown what he can do in the minor leagues. He’s done well this year. He’s up here to obviously come help us make the playoffs.”

Machado on him and Bundy, the club’s top picks in 2010 and 2011, being in the big leagues together so soon: “It’s awesome. I was drafted in 2010, he was ’11. We’re in the big leagues. I was just telling him, ‘Just enjoy it. It’s the same game. Just have fun.”
Machado on his advice to Bundy: “I told him, it’s the same game. Don’t try to do things you can’t do. Don’t try to pump up the (radar) gun now. Just go out there, have fun, throw your stuff. You have some of the most electric stuff in baseball…just go out there, throw and don’t put any pressure on yourself basically.”

Machado on his success helping Bundy: “I think so. He sees me being successful and doing all right and it might give him a little less pressure to put on himself, just be like, ‘Hey, he is doing it. I can do it as well.’ That’s good.”

Orioles manager Buck Showalter on Bundy getting inspiration from Machado’s success: “If he performs like Manny has. It’s not over and done with; it’s a constant proving ground for Manny. He knows that and he has handled it well and been a contributor. We’ll see if 1. A situation arises where (Bundy) can contribute and 2. If he can.”

Showalter on preferring not to use a player after such a long travel day: “In a perfect world. But I don’t think we have a perfect world right now. If we have a problem, you’ll see him.”

Showalter on the overall decision to promote Bundy: “It’s not just because he is on the roster, it’s not just because there was a need. It was because we felt like he is capable of contributing.”

Showalter on the plan with Bundy beyond Wednesday: “Tonight, he is a bullpen option for us. … We are taking everything day by day.”

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