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Xavier Avery says he will keep on running

Orioles rookie Xavier Avery, who was caught stealing in the ninth inning to end Friday’s 3-2 loss to the Oakland A’s, said he had the green light to steal second in Chris Davis’ at-bat if he thought he could make it. And he thought he could – in fact, he still thinks he was safe on the game-ender at second base.

“That’s what I was out there to do,” said Avery, who is six of nine in stolen base attempts in 27 games with the Orioles this year. “I had to try and get into scoring position. It was unfortunate that I was the last out, but I had to get out there and make an attempt.”

Despite his speed, Avery said he doesn’t have the green light in every situation. He waits for instruction. But he wanted to run Friday and got the OK. And said it won’t discourage him from doing it again.

“Buck has to make a lot of decisions. And when there’s a game on the line, a lot of the decisions are going to come from him,” Avery said. “But I get the green light, I’m going to take my chances. Just because I got caught yesterday, doesn’t mean I’m going to be scared.”

That’s the attitude that Showalter wants.

“That’s the way we have done it all year. I can give you 50 examples of that on the other side of it. If you feel something, I trust you on the field,” Showalter said. “That’s one of the things you want to install in your players. You are on the field. This is about you. You have to take ownership and make some of those decisions and just a feel for a game and you let it fly. Where I’m going to get upset at them is they see something and they get passive and tentative. That’s the real bugaboo.”

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