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Next Orioles win marks end of dubious run

The bar has been raised. Expectations are higher. The Orioles are chasing a division title.

But Orioles fans, take a step back, back to this spring, when you weren't asking for a postseason berth. You were just asking for hope.

So in the middle of a playoff race, take a second. Take a second to enjoy the Orioles' next win.

As the Orioles go for a series sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday afternoon, their next victory will be their 81st of the season, which would guarantee them at least a .500 record.

More importantly, it ends the Orioles' streak of 14 losing seasons, something that most fans would have been happy with at the beginning of the season.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said recently that his team realizes the fine line between the penthouse and the outhouse. So should Orioles fans.

So take a step back, enjoy the fact that the expectations have suddenly been raised in Birdland, but think back to just a few months ago, when you were asking yourself, "Is .500 too much to ask?"

And just that realization should help you enjoy this Orioles' run even more.


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