Kevin Gausman is a big fan of powdered doughnuts

In the coming days, we'll learn quite a bit about the Orioles' first-round draft pick, Kevin Gausman of LSU.

But, as quick primer, the kid is full of superstitions.


Among them is an intricate ritual the right-handed pitcher goes through while putting on his socks. But perhaps the most interesting is his love for powdered doughnuts, which he scarfs in the dugout between innings.

More details from a profile on LSU's web site:


He eats one powdered donut before taking the mound, something that he's done since the 7th grade. He also eats four donuts in between every inning.

When he runs out to the field, he always hops the line, because growing up, his dad always told him it was bad luck to step on it.  Before every inning, his first warm up pitch is preceded by a crow hop over the mound, throwing the ball as hard as he can. 

Then, the game begins.

He does this same process every time.  Nothing changes.

"It sounds stupid, but I could never do anything without doing it all," said Gausman.

Wonder if Buck Showalter has a policy on doughnutsin the dugout.

UPDATE: Gausman addressed the doughnut-eating during his teleconference with reporters tonight.

"I've always been a little weird, really," Gausman said. "I like sci-fi movies and I eat four doughnuts in between innings, so that's a little weird. It's something that started back I think in middle school. So I've been doing that for a while now. And I think the way I live my life I like to be a little different than other people."