Mussina and Dauer discuss election into Orioles Hall of Fame

Here are some quotes from Rich Dauer and Mike Mussina regarding their election into the Orioles Hall of Fame, which was announced today. The induction ceremony will be on Aug. 25.

Mussina on whether he considers himself an Oriole or Yankee:  "I consider my career almost split evenly with Baltimore and New York. I have to say I consider myself both. To start in one place and have one organization to give you a chance to show what you think you can do and go out there and let you do it for that long of a period of time. And then have to leave and go someplace else and have another organization treat you like you have been there your whole career, you have to give both sides a lot of credit. I can’t say that I am one or the other. I have to say I am both. Does this (honor) change my opinion of it? This is a tremendous honor to be considered with the players that have played in Baltimore that have worn the Orioles uniform, that have accomplished the things that have been accomplished there. It’s a tremendous honor. And to be put into the same sentence with Cal and Palmer and guys of that caliber, it’s a tremendous honor and I am very thankful for it.”

On fans being bitter that he left: “Looking back on it, I can understand people being upset and disappointed and frustrated and bitter, especially when you leave Baltimore and go to a rival city in the same division. And I can understand that. It was a decision I made at the time and it probably worked out for me. But the first 10 years in Baltimore are tough to replace in a sense.”

On some of his memories: “Nothing was more exciting or more enjoyable for me than being out there -- to be one of the last players at Memorial Stadium and we went to a brand new park which is now over 20 years old. And I was one of the ones that came over there for the first games and it was such a thrill to throw in there, to have a full house every day and to be in contention for a long stretch of time and to put us in the playoffs for the first time in a long time and pitch in the championship series. There were just so many things that were exciting and memorable. It’s something I’ll never forget and the Orioles were the ones that gave me the chance to experience that. If people were upset that I made a change, they are allowed to be upset. People take this stuff really personally sometimes. But honestly my first 10 years in the major leagues were great and I thoroughly it and enjoyed everything we were able to accomplish.”

On fondest Camden Yards memory:  “There was a lot of stuff that went on in those 10 years. I’m not sure you can actually put one finger on it. Obviously Cal’s record breaking streak, I did get to pitch that day and pitch well enough to win that game. And everything that revolved around that. That was a real exciting time. …  At this moment, it is tough to pick one out. But there was a lot of stuff that went on in those 10 years that was really worth remembering and I’m glad I was involved with.”

Dauer on being elected by the veteran’s committee: “I’m just very happy and the list of people that are on that (Hall) is just amazing and to be a part of that, especially with a lot of my teammates, that’s really special to me. I certainly didn’t think I should be in it or anything like that. I certainly would love to be in it.”

Dauer on being an Oriole: “I played the game of baseball for the fun of it when we first started we were a family.  I grew up with some of these guys in the minor leagues and we played for 10 years in the big leagues (together). That just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s part of my family, part of where I am today, I am very fortunate that I carried on in baseball and I am real proud, obviously, to be considered in this class of Baltimore Orioles. It was one of the best organizations in baseball and I am assuming one of these days it will get back to being that.”

Dauer on still paying attention to the Orioles: “It might have been a long time, but I have kept up with the Orioles pretty much on a daily basis. It is the organization that allowed me to play baseball and I do believe because I played for the Orioles it allowed me to continue my career. Everything I’ve done, the foundation was when I played for the Orioles. I hope I have become the kind of guy that they would have been proud of.”


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