Remembering 1983: Memories of, key numbers from club's last World Series season

“Sammy was an incredible athlete, stronger than any player I know, and a character on top of that. But once you get out of sports and continue to lead that sort of life, it catches up with you very quickly. And when Colin (Stewart’s son) died, it put a big hole in his life.”

Catcher Rick Dempsey, on late reliever Sammy Stewart


“Just because you wore a uniform doesn’t keep you out of life’s troubles. Yes, baseball teaches you to deal with adversity in front of a lot of people, but life happens. Guys pass away and get divorced. That’s just part of the human race.”

Pitcher Storm Davis, whom Mike Flanagan nicknamed “Cy Clone”

Looking back at and catching up with the 1983 Orioles, who won the team's most recent World Series, over the Phillies in five games.

“We were hoping [the Orioles] would bring us all back after 35 years, but nothing is planned. The longer they wait, the fewer of us will be left.”

Left fielder Gary Roenicke

“One thing about Mike Boddicker that I never understood: He was so nervous on the bench that once, between innings, when the trainer treated a blister on his finger, we had to hold his hand still to keep it from shaking. But put him on the mound, with the bases loaded and 30,000 people in the stands, and he was as calm as anything.”

Pitching coach Ray Miller


“Todd Cruz was a big pick-up for us. He was flashy, he had a strong arm and, man, he had some range. He started turning balls that could have been hits into double plays. He made a big difference in our ability to play defense on the left side of the infield.”

Shortstop Cal Ripken Jr.

“I think we all felt we were a pretty finely tuned team, and we all had our roles that had been established pretty well. I think the smartest thing — and Joe’s a good baseball guy — is that he didn’t really change anything, didn’t move anything from how the team ran. It didn’t feel any different with the exception that you didn’t have Earl [Weaver] yelling out of the dugout. Joe had a much calmer demeanor. But from a team standpoint, we were the same.”

Ripken on manager Joe Altobelli

“It’s just like seeing your brother again. We were family — tease each other, fight with each other, everything you do with a brother. That never goes away.”

Pitcher Mike Boddicker on the enduring closeness of the team

“Teams that have come close the year before, a lot of them have even more incentive, and I think that was really the case for us. We all realized we were getting older, and this might be our last chance to get it done as a group.”

Designated hitter Ken Singleton on the team’s motivations

By the numbers


walk-off wins


come-from-behind victories




record home attendance for the season


Orioles home runs in Sept. 3 victory over Minnesota


fans who greeted Orioles at airport after they clinched division in Milwaukee


who met the world champs upon their return to Memorial Stadium


who took part in Orioles parade downtown


Hall of Famers in World Series (Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray and Jim Palmer for the Orioles; Joe Morgan, Tony Pérez, Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton for Phillies)


Orioles starters in the 1983 All-Star Game


each player’s share for winning World Series


Scott McGregor’s postseason ERA


times MVP Rick Dempsey was pinch-hit for in the World Series


blowout wins


complete games

Former Orioles player Cal Ripken Jr. reminisces about the Orioles' 1983 world championship. (Algerina PErna, Baltimore Sun video)

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