O's offense finally starting to offend: The Orioles had managed to put together a pretty good run without scoring a lot over the past 10 days, but it's beginning to look like they're ready to take some of the pressure off the pitching staff.

They perked up at the plate in the final game of the three-game sweep over the Boston Red Sox, getting home runs from Manny Machado, Nolan Reimold and Adam Jones, before unloading on Michael Pineda and the bullpen in the opener of the three-game home series against the New York Yankees.


It was time to make some kind of statement as they began a span of 16 games that included 12 inside the ever-tightening American League East. Putting a three-ply beatdown on the Red Sox and showering the Yankees pitching staff with hits was a real good way to start.

A-Rod's milestone march: No doubt, there are a lot of people cringing at the thought of Alex Rodriguez chasing a couple of baseball's major milestones at Oriole Park this weekend, but get over it.

History is history.

Whether you think Rodriguez is a steroid-pumped fraud or just a great player with a not-so-great moral compass, it's impossible to deny his amazing baseball talent. Like Barry Bonds, he was a terrific player before he went over to the dark side of baseball's PED era, and he is showing now that there is nothing phony about his tremendous natural talent.

That said, if he wants to get his 3,000th career hit somewhere else, we'll understand.

Miley's lament: The Red Sox tried to make nice after the dugout tantrum by pitcher Wade Miley on Thursday night, but I'm not buying it.

Miley was getting shelled by the Orioles and he had no business showing up manager John Farrell after he was told he was being removed from the game after giving up three home runs and nine hits over four innings.

Farrell tried to let it slide by characterizing Miley as "a fighter," but here's hoping he told his temperamental pitcher behind closed doors that the next time he decides to embarrass himself in the dugout after embarrassing himself on the mound, he'll get to spend some time sitting in the corner.


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