Red Sox angry after 2 1/2-hour rain delay leads to postponement of game against Orioles

The Boston Red Sox were off to one of their best starts all season early in Wednesday night’s game. Andrew Benintendi, J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts each homered off Orioles starting pitcher Dylan Bundy before the top of the second inning wound down, putting Boston up 5-0.

As they have all week, the skies ripped open and chucked down heavy rain. Fans dispersed or huddled under the overhangs, players ventured down to their clubhouses and moats began to form along the dugouts and in right field.


Two hours and 33 minutes later, the game was called, all stats were vacated, and down in the visiting clubhouse, Red Sox manager Alex Cora was fuming.

"I'm annoyed about the whole three-game series," Cora told reporters, according to MassLive. "Honestly, it was tough. Rick [Porcello] had to wait for a while in a game with two outs in the first inning where there was a rain delay. It was a tough one. But we'll turn the page, we'll show up tomorrow and we'll do what we do."

Monday’s game was delayed twice, by 43 and 19 minutes, respectively.

It’s the umpire’s call to pause, resume or cancel a game. It is the home team’s call, however, to decide to start the game at all.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he didn’t hear directly from Cora or the Red Sox about their displeasure of how Wednesday’s game was handled with rain in the forecast, only finding out Thursday morning because of news reports.

“MLB called the game,” Showalter said. “We don’t control that. If they have beef, they need to talk to MLB, right? I don’t know. What’s the deal? At least it wasn’t sleeting the whole game. They say play, we play. I see all the diligent, unbelievable work that goes in to trying to predict weather. They do a great job. Last night was a tough one. I was really, if you looked at it coming in, to play two out of three days, what a job done by Nicole [Sherry] and her crew. They’re looking at the same radar we are. They control it, MLB and the umpires do. If they say we’re going to call it, we call it.”

Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette told The Boston Globe, “Major League Baseball waited to see if the forecast would improve. The recent forecast wasn’t an improvement. There was a severe flood watch around the ballpark from 7:45-10:30 p.m. I was told the Red Sox wanted to stay and play. They had the lead, why wouldn’t they?”

Wednesday's Orioles-Red Sox game was a washout that might create headaches later in the schedule, but erased them for Orioles starter Dylan Bundy.

Radar showed the inbound storm before the game’s start. A few minutes after the game was called, the rain lessened to a drizzle before almost stopping completely.

Per Yahoo Sports, Cora’s feelings on the home team’s management of the situation went like this:

“You’re upset with how Baltimore handled it?” a reporter asked.

“Whoever handled it, yeah,” Cora said.

“What should they have done?” the reporter continued.

“Not started it,” Cora said.

Boston starting pitcher David Price, who had only thrown 14 pitches, were also less than enthused.


“[Expletive] yeah I’m pissed,” Price said leaving the clubhouse, per The Globe.

The Red Sox and Orioles will start the game over on Aug. 11 as part of a doubleheader. The Orioles have already had to play through two doubleheaders this season, against the Tampa Bay Rays on May 12 and the New York Yankees on July 9, both times winning the first game and losing the second.

Baltimore Sun reporter Jon Meoli contributed to this article.

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