The Orioles are trying to stay positive at a time when every game seems to bring some new indignity.

Wednesday night, it was the terrific pitching performance by three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer and a horrendous base-running mistake by Orioles utility outfielder Craig Gentry.


The Orioles were shut out for the second time in the past three days and managed to score just two runs in the three-game interleague series against the Washington Nationals.

So, what’s a guy like struggling slugger Chris Davis supposed to do when he’s surrounded by a bunch of reporters asking just what it all means?

Go negative? Not a chance.

“We obviously know that we’re nowhere where we want to be, and not even close,’’ he said after Wednesday night’s game. “That’s when you find out who the real players are in here, and that’s when you find out really the guts of a team. I know there’s been some talk about a rebuild and all that stuff. We’ve got to live in the here and now.”

So what exactly does that mean?

“That’s grinding each and every at-bat, taking the positive away from every night and rallying around each other, and that’s all you can do,’’ Davis said. “This game is hard enough as it is. You’ve got to deal with frustration, disappointment on a daily basis, but you’ve got to find a way to look at the positive side and stay on top of your game.”

Manager Buck Showalter was saying something similar during his postgame media briefing. He has fielded questions the past three days about the possibility of a very early roster shuffle, but is holding out hope that the Orioles can still find a way to take advantage of something they haven’t had in quite a while — a fully stocked starting rotation.

Rookie David Hess delivered another strong performance in a losing effort to solidify his new role as the fifth starter on the major league club. The case can be made that the O’s now have three more dependable starters than they had for much of last year, which should make it possible for the team to play respectably if the offense can snap out of a season-long slump.

“I told you coming out of camp I thought we were going to settle in and have a good rotation,’’ Showalter said. “We’ve just got to figure out a way for our offense to get some type of consistency because that’s been a challenge for us, but the pitching, I still think that when it’s all said and done our rotation is going to give us a chance to win more times than not and we’ve got a lot of good young pitchers coming, too.”

Showalter was asked whether there was anything more that can be done to improve the all-but-non-existent offensive chemistry.

“Sure, Dan [Duquette] and I talked today,’’ Showalter said. “He’s busy with the draft and got a lot of things going on in the general manager’s world, but we talked about some things today and we’ll continue to look at them. I’m more focused on what we have here and get it back to what it’s capable of. If those things come about, Dan and I will talk about where we are and what can be done. I try to focus on the people who are here and making them as good as they can be.”

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