Orioles unveil 2019 spring training schedule

The Orioles released their 2019 spring training schedule Wednesday, a 33-game slate that will begin with a visit from the Minnesota Twins on Feb. 23 at Ed Smith Stadium.

Nine ballclubs will journey to take on the Orioles for 17 home games, including the Twins for four games, the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees twice each and the Detroit Tigers, New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies once each.

Ten of the 17 home games will fall on on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. On every Sunday, children ages 4 to 14 will be able to run the bases, like at Camden Yards during the regular season.

The Orioles will hit the road for another 16 away games, facing all of the same foes but the Mets.

Since the Orioles moved to Sarasota nine years ago, the team has generated about $97 million per year in “economic impact back to taxpayers and residents,” per a Sarasota County Government review cited in a statement. About 988,000 Orioles fans have attended spring training games in that time.



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