Orioles savor streak-snapping win: 'I wish we could win a little bit more to make it more rewarding'

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde was giving his post-game MASN broadcast interview after the team's 9-6 win over the Colorado Rockies, snapping a seven-game losing streak, when the auto-flush on the toilet on the other side of the wall kicked in, mid-answer.

The levity it brought belied that this, finally, was not a game the Orioles will want to flush and move on from. At least not as quickly as the others.


It's been a while, so this win was a necessary one for more than just morale.

"There was some celebration going on after the game," Hyde said. "There's no doubt about it. I want the guys to enjoy every win, because it's so hard to do. It's not easy to win in the big leagues, period, so you better enjoy it."

The Orioles haven't had as much occasion to celebrate like that as they'd like, especially in the last 10 days or so. The losses have been of the torturous variety, with early leads disintegrating in the middle innings, late-inning comebacks being immediately turned back into deficits, and then the regular-old thumpings that come with the territory for a team that represents an organization far more focused on the future than the present.

Before the win that reversed some of that bad feeling, Hyde spoke of how the team's inexperience hasn't meant there's been carry-over from a bad loss: a team full of players trying to scratch and claw to stay in the big leagues will still have that same mentality the next day.

"I think what I've learned is it's a lot of high-character guys, and guys that are trying to establish themselves as everyday major league players, and that's been a lot of fun. I wish we could win a little bit more to make it more rewarding, and to have them feel what that feels like. But hopefully, we're going to get there,” he said.

When those moments do come, the losses have meant they aren't taken for granted. Renato Núñez, who struggled for most of this month but has homered in four straight games including Saturday's win, said they "come to the field every day ready to win.

"We give it all over there, and sometimes we win, sometimes we lost," Núñez said. "Today, we got a W, and tomorrow, hopefully, we'll get it again."