In letter to fans, former Orioles manager Buck Showalter describes what he loves, misses about Baltimore

Former Orioles manager Buck Showalter wrote a letter to the fans Friday outlining all he loved and would miss about Baltimore, five weeks after he was dismissed with his contract expiring and two weeks after returning to the city to host his annual charity walk at Camden Yards.

In the letter on, Showalter wrote of his fondest memories in Baltimore, how he felt when he arrived in 2010 and what he liked about the organization, the fans and life outside baseball.


Showalter makes some broad characterizations, saying Baltimore has “a great blue-collar feel” and the fans aren’t mean.

He is generous to Baltimore (“I can take you to a bad part of every city, and I can take you to a great part of every city. Baltimore’s no different”) and celebrates county life (“We loved where we lived. We had a pasture”).

Additionally, he wrote of his arrival and working with former president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail (though not Dan Duquette, who was let go by the Orioles the same day as Showalter), plus his “open line of communication” to owner Peter Angelos, and how using the team-owned Mid-Atlantic Sports Network media outlet was important to him.

Some other highlights:

On changing the culture: "One of the missing things there was the consistency of message and an identity that I wanted and they wanted, and following through on it. People in Baltimore are drawn to sincerity, and they can smell phoniness."

On what he misses: “You're going to miss a good weather day game when we played well, we played crisp, get into the car and drive at about 5 mph down Pratt Street looking at all the people in black and orange and realizing that you may have been a part of making a good memory for somebody and their family."

On his dismissal and the Orioles' future: “Fans in Baltimore have a long memory. They realize with good times, sometimes come challenging times. It's not a what have you done for me lately world there all the time. I think they just want to know there's better days ahead. It's kind of like life."