Two majestic homers, two friendly rivals: Who hit it better, Orioles' Schoop or Machado?

There's no secret that Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado have a friendly rivalry. When Schoop was asked after Saturday's 5-1 win over the Minnesota Twins whether he received any help from Machado in his first big league start at shortstop, Schoop joked that he was the one helping Machado.

"No I helped him," Schoop said smiling with Machado in earshot three lockers down. "Manny didn't help me. Manny didn't even know what he was doing over there. He can't help me."


Of course, it is expected that their rivalry can extend to the offensive side of the ball. After Schoop hit a 462-foot home run into the third deck of the left-field stands in the fourth inning of Saturday's game, he could claim that his shot was the most magnificent home run hit by an Orioles player this season.

It is the second-longest by an Oriole this season, and anyone who follows the team knows that Machado's 470-foot blast that landed onto the center-field concourse of Yankee Stadium on April 28 was the longest. Before Schoop's, it was unquestionably the most jaw-dropping of the season.

So Machado and Schoop can lay claim to having the two longest homers by Orioles players this season, but who hit it better?

Using available MLB Statcast numbers, the home runs are predictably comparable, both hit with similar exit velocity. Schoop's was hit with a slightly higher launch angle, while Machado's reached a better height. Both were equally majestic.

Here's a tale of the tape:

Home run; Estimated distance; Exit velocity; Launch angle; Height

Schoop (7/8/17 at Minn): 462 ft; 113.5; 26; 81.9 ft

Machado (4/28/17 at NYY): 470 ft; 113.9; 22.5; 87.6 ft

Machado's blast was unparalleled in the sense that it was hit to the deepest part of the spacious Yankee Stadium outfield. It was a rocket off the bat, hitting off the railing of the center-field concourse, over the batter's eye restaurant and Monument Park underneath.

At the same time, not many hitters reach the third deck of Target Field. Nelson Cruz hit one into the third deck when he was with the Orioles in 2014, but his blast was more down the line, and only went an estimated 424 feet. Schoop's homer was two sections over from the left-field foul pole hitting the staircase three rows into the third deck before bouncing into the second deck.

It's an argument worth debating, and one of the reasons it's fun to have the new home run that exists. I'm torn myself, because I won't forget either one.