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Farewell, furry friend: Camden Yards raccoon 'escorted' from ballpark

The furry Camden Yards gate jumper that made its way through the ballpark during the Orioles’ current homestand — and became a local social media celebrity in the process — has apparently left the yard.

A raccoon was seen by fans cavorting around different parts of the ballpark during games against the New York Yankees on Friday night and Sunday night and made an appearance in a nook near the Camden Yards press box Monday night.

Dubbed in the press box as the “Rally Raccoon,” the masked marvel hasn’t been heard from the past two nights. Late in Monday’s game, the non-credentialed animal was seen pawing on an upper-level press box window. It was last seen jumping onto the club level after Monday’s game to revel in some leftover eats as the crowd cleared out.

With the Orioles trailing the Toronto Blue Jays 4-1 on Wednesday night, the team’s Twitter account posted a tweet saying that the raccoon had been “escorted from the ballpark, unharmed,” adding that they just might invite it back if the score didn’t change.

The Orioles had no further comment on the specifics of how the raccoon was removed. The raccoon was not immediately made available for comment.

After the tweet, Adam Jones hit a grand slam to give the Orioles a 5-4 lead.

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