Fan who caught both of Manny Machado's homers became an instant celebrity

Adam Corder had six Twitter followers when he arrived at Camden Yards on Friday night to watch the Orioles' 7-1 drubbing of the Kansas City Royals.

He had 68 by Saturday evening.


Corder, 15, became a part of history when he caught both of Manny Machado's home run balls Friday. The 20-year-old new Orioles third baseman homered in the fifth and sixth innings, earning the distinction as the youngest player ever to have a multi-home run game within his first two major league games.

But perhaps more impressive is the fact that Corder, who lives in the United Arab Emirates and is visiting his hometown of Millersville until late August, nabbed each of them.


The oddity of that wasn't lost on the media. There was hardly a game story or highlight reel that didn't mention his name.

"A bunch of my friends have said how crazy it was, how lucky I've been," Corder said over the phone Saturday. "It was pretty funny."

Corder was sitting in the 14th row of section 78 with his older brother and two friends when Machado's first homer landed on the stairs next to him. With plenty of empty seats, Corder didn't have to fend anyone off as he ran down the steps to pick up the ball.

Moments later, an Orioles staff member approached and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse: The team would have Machado sign several Orioles hats and balls in exchange for the ball. Corder could also personally hand him the ball after the game.

"I had to give Manny his ball," Corder said. "I mean, he deserved it."

In his next at-bat, Machado belted another ball into the left-field stands. It landed in the row directly in front of Corder, who simply leaned over and picked it up.

A fan offered $2,000 for one of the collectors itemd, but Corder refused.

"I'll keep it for a while," he said of the second home run ball. "Maybe give it to my kids if I have any, so they can sell it. Or if it's going for a crazy price, I may sell it. I don't know."


After the Orioles notched their sixth win in seven games, Corder was escorted to the team's dugout. Machado shook his hand, said he was amazed one person caught both balls and handed him the autographed gear. To fully express his gratitude, he also gave Corder the bat he used in his big league debut Thursday night.

Of course, it's not necessarily the memorabilia Corder will cherish the rest of his life. It's the memory of the night he became an instant celebrity.

"I'll never forget this," Corder said. "It's been the craziest 24 hours of my life."