MASN broadcaster Gary Thorne stays off Twitter, but his reactions to New York Yankees star Gleyber Torres’ record-setting power display against the Orioles this year left the internet alight Monday night.

How did he know the world was paying attention? A visit from his counterparts in the Yankees broadcast booth Monday made it clear his exasperation at Torres’ 13 home runs against the Orioles this year was being seen by more than just a local audience.


“I was aware tonight, because when he hit the second home run, Paul O’Neill came running into the television booth from his booth next door to tap me on the back and give me a little hug," Thorne said. "[He said], ‘I know you’re tired of this. I know you’re so tired of seeing this.’ "

That happened on No. 13, because on No. 12, Thorne gave an exasperated pause as he declared the ball bound for the Orioles’ bullpen.

It’s well-practiced when it comes to Torres, as the Yankees’ late-May visit to Camden Yards brought about similar reactions from Thorne and got some attention online.

Mostly, he’s come across as amazed that the Orioles keep pitching to him, and that a player can do this to one specific opponent at a level that he has.

“Whatever I’ve said in these games is just what’s come out because of what I’m feeling in the moment, because it’s so unbelievable,” Thorne said. “If you didn’t see it and somebody told you that a guy was having this kind of a year against a club, you’d just go, ‘No, that can’t happen.’ With Torres, it just seems to be automatic.

“As a fan of baseball, I’m just — it’s indescribable to me. That’s kind of the way you talk about it on the air.”

That, essentially, was how Thorne reacted to No. 13.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” he shouted, before proclaiming on the broadcast: “You’ve got to put four fingers up when Torres comes to the plate, because when he comes around third it’s too late.”

When O’Neill came into the broadcast booth, Thorne’s reaction got as much screen-time as Torres rounding the bases on the Yankees broadcast. Thorne, once the longtime voice of the New York Mets, still has quite a following in New York, which makes the fact that it’s a Yankee who is so torturing a familiar voice land a little more with the local fans.

“I’ve always been like this,” Thorne said. “It’s what I feel in the moment. It’s not against the Orioles, obviously. It’s just recognizing something that’s happening as a fan in the game. It’s really phenomenal.”

He did allow for one moment of celebration, though. With two on and two out in the eighth inning, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde proclaimed that he’d “kind of had enough” and automatically walked Torres in an 11-6 game to load the bases for Brett Gardner.

Gardner grounded out, much to the delight of the Orioles, who attempted to mount a ninth-inning comeback. Thorne’s victory came in not pitching to Torres anymore.

Said Thorne: “I put my fists up in the air and said, ‘Yes! Put him on!’ ”