Orioles first baseman Chris Davis returned Friday from his eight-game, 10-day stint out of the lineup to try to regain his swing and dig himself out of his years-long slump.

Both Davis and manager Buck Showalter stressed there might not be outward differences in Davis, but that plenty was done to get him back on track.


"I was just beating the same drum to the same tune and I wasn’t making any progress," Davis said. "And there needed to be an adjustment made. Like I said, there were a lot of things going on around me, there was a lot of crowd noise, so to speak, but I just needed the time to get back to who I was, and I feel like I am. I feel like I am.”

Former Orioles star Nick Markakis is enjoying a career year in the fourth year of his deal with Atlanta, with he and Ryan Flaherty providing the upstart Braves much of what they did for the Orioles, showing what their old team lacks in the process.

When asked about what he's focused on during extensive work with executive vice president Brady Anderson, Davis said it was more little things than big ones, with most of the time off spent just reinforcing things that batting in a game wouldn't allow him to on a daily basis.

"A lot of it was really just quieting down everything," said Davis, who entered Friday batting .150/.227/.227 with four home runs. "I have a tendency to try and explore, I guess is a good word to use, especially when I'm scuffling, trying to get that feeling back, trying to do too much.

"I think that was another reason that I was given the time off. Buck realized the effort was there. He realized that I was trying to make the adjustment, but it just wasn't clicking. I would have continued to run out there and hit .050 if that's what it took. But I think it was kind of what was at hand, what was going on and really, the time that I needed off and the time that I needed to kind of get back to square one and say, ‘OK, this is what I do well, this is how I go about it.’ I appreciate it."

Davis said several times how glad he was to be back in the lineup, and Showalter said that's one of the byproducts of taking a player out of the competition during hard times.

"That was tough for him, but I know he's looking forward to this day," Showalter said. "There will be some subtle things maybe, but most of it is just a break and just trying to get a consistent approach and stay with it. It's not a one-day, two-day, three-day [thing]. It's an approach and some things he really wants to stay with and understanding what made him successful and can again."

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