Baltimore Orioles

The best of Buck Showalter: Buckisms

He’s no Yogi Berra. But departing Orioles manager Buck Showalter had his own understated, self-deprecating way of communicating:

"I like our guys."


“Sometimes you gotta take a bullet so you can win two.”



“Somebody shoot me.”

“What we got?”

“I'm at an age, I'm just glad it's responding at all.”

“If you're looking for comfort -- that's two outs and nobody on. I don't consider that comfortable.”

“It's not always going to be comfortable.”

“As you gather more and more information, you get pretty comfortable with it.”

“They look very comfortable.”

“Either you're playing in October or you’re not.”


“Dang, I forgot my sheet.”

“If it's not an issue, why'd you bring it up, Buck?”

“I don't know much about knuckleballing, so I should probably shut up.”

“That sounds stupid. It's like it came out of my mouth.”

“Hope that uh ... uh, I better not say it.