Former Oriole Nick Markakis enjoys everything about his first All-Star Game experience

Former Oriole Nick Markakis couldn't narrow down his first All-Star experience to just one highlight.

“I think overall, the highlight was everything,” he said. “It has been tremendous. It’s been an experience I won’t forget. You don’t know what the future holds so hopefully one day I can get back here and enjoy it again. It’s just an overwhelming experience and it’s been fun.”

Markakis played five innings and got a pair of plate appearances. He flied out in his first at-bat and walked his second time up.

The highlight for Orioles fans had to be the selfie Markakis took on the field with Manny Machado at the end of the fourth inning. Markakis was on base when the inning ended and the two met near second base, where Machado pulled a phone out of his pocket.

“I ran up to him and he started reaching in his pocket...I didn’t know what he was doing,” Markakis said. “He pulled out his phone and we took a picture on the field. That was a pretty cool moment. Pretty cool for him to do. I enjoyed my time playing with him. He was a great teammate, great dude, and whatever happens with him after the break, I wish him well.”

Markakis said the on-field photo was a career first.

“That’s something new, but it’s fun,” he said. “It’s things you can have fun with and memories. That’s what we are here for, to make memories, and it was good.”

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