Baltimore Orioles

A slice of life of some former Orioles: Adam Jones delivers a pie, and Manny Machado has fun with a Blooper

You can forgive us if we got a little misty-eyed seeing Adam Jones and Caleb Joseph celebrate after a Arizona Diamondbacks win. And no, it wasn't the pie in our eyes.

The Diamondbacks posted a clip of Jones shoving a pie in Joseph’s face after their two-game sweep of the New York Yankees. For Orioles fans, it had to stir a lot of emotions (remember when Jones did a lap around the stadium pieing fans after the Orioles clinched the American League East pennant in 2014?) seeing their former center fielder taking his signature postgame move to his new team.


And in case you missed it, Joseph had another highlight this week, needing just six pitches to throw a scoreless ninth inning.

Jones and Joseph weren’t the only ones to get in on the fun. Manny Machado ended up having a very expensive shoe shine from the Atlanta Braves’ mascot, Blooper.


The “run-ins” between Machado and Blooper started Monday when the mascot tried to give Machado a high-five, which Machado dodged. The next night, Blooper offered Machado a shoe shine; Machado didn’t have his wallet to give him a tip. So Blooper did what any of us would do: He managed to take the San Diego Padres third baseman for his whole $300 million contract.

Blooper approached Machado with a rectangular-sized autograph board (first clue) asking him to sign in a very particular spot (second clue). After Machado complied, Blooper removed part of the board to reveal it was a check, made out to Blooper, for $300 million.

We can’t wait to see what the Oriole Bird has in store for him when the Padres come to Baltimore in June.

On top of that, Milwaukee Bucks guard Pat Connaughton, the former Orioles fourth-round draft pick now in his fourth NBA season, got the chance to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a Milwaukee Brewers game this week. That gave the 26-year-old an opportunity to show off his pitching skills that haven’t been used professionally since 2014, his first and only minor league season when he had a 2.45 ERA for Short-A Aberdeen.

Things have been going well for Connaughton, 26, in the NBA, as he has been a key contributor to the Bucks’ playoff run. The first pitch, to put it lightly, did not go well.