Dan Duquette remains coy about other Orioles deals that might be in the works

Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette pulled off his second major trade in less than a week — trading closer Zach Britton to the New York Yankees for three pitching prospects — and he clearly is not done selling off some of his club’s top players.

Still, when he sat down in front of reporters for a midnight news conference, he remained tight-lipped about the other deals that seem certain to come over the next several days.


Center fielder Adam Jones could be next … or not.

“I don’t know if I’d say Adam Jones is on the market,” Duquette said. “We decided with the Manny trade we were going to set off in a different direction so we could be competitive with these super teams in the American League East. And we are going to look at all the options.


“That means we have to look at all the options with the veteran players. Adam has [no-trade rights] so anything the club would be interested in doing we’d have to involve Adam. We are not at the point where we have a deal and we’d have to sit down and talk to Adam about that. But the club is certainly looking at all the options.”

That’s a long-winded way of saying that if somebody wants to offer enough for Jones, the Orioles will listen intently. Stay tuned. The GM is on a roll.

Duquette was grilled on a few other players, but he never feels comfortable talking about this sort of thing, and with good reason. It’s not a good idea to name names, he’ll tell you, because if you fail to get a deal done, you’ve got an unhappy player who thinks you don’t like him.

“Without getting into names, when the team decides to rebuild, part of the process is to project who you have on your current roster and in the minor leagues and look at the contributions they can add to your roster a couple years down the road,” Duquette said.

“To me, it’s you have a daily plan, a one-year plan. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on a two-year plan, but a three-year plan you can really lean and look and try to project what kind of contribution you can get from your players. There’s a lot of data that helps you do that more accurately and we are in the process of doing that.”