Baltimore Orioles

Chris Davis 'just can't believe' Orioles teammate Trey Mancini isn't getting more All-Star respect

Oakland, Calif. — Orioles first baseman Chris Davis could be forgiven for not paying attention to the All-Star Game voting this year, but he is following it and he said on Tuesday that he’s absolutely shocked at the lack of national fan support that teammate Trey Mancini has gotten during a stellar first half of the season.

“I wish we could look at the percentage of votes that he’s received from our fan base and the percentage of other fan bases,’’ Davis said. “Because I feel like Orioles fans are voting for him, but the masses are voting for the Red Sox players, the Yankees players, the bigger-market teams, the more well-known players.”


Mancini entered Tuesday’s games leading the American League in total bases (154), tied for second in extra-base hits (36), third in slugging percentage (.566), tied for fourth in hits (84), fifth in batting average (.309) and sixth in runs (50). Yet he still ranks just 17th among AL outfielders.

“The fact that he’s having the year that he is and the year that we’re having as a team. … I mean, he’s putting up ridiculous numbers and he’s doing it every night and he’s still not getting any recognition for it,’’ Davis said. “It’s frustrating for me, so I can’t imagine what he feels.”


Well, he probably feels pretty good about the year he’s having and he’ll certainly be chosen as an All-Star reserve, but Davis thinks he deserves to be in the starting outfield.

“He’s (top five or six) in just about everything and he’s not even in the top 10 in the voting,’’ Davis said. “Something needs to change there.”

Regardless of what everybody else thinks, Davis said he has always been impressed with the way Mancini goes about his business and wishes the rest of the baseball world would take better notice.

“I think he holds himself to a very high standard like most guys, but he’s also very hard on himself and he expects a lot out of himself,’’ Davis said. “He’s starting to see a return for that. All the work that he’s put in. Everything that he’s done. Good grief, how can you ignore what he’s doing?”

Cashner update

Starter Andrew Cashner said on Tuesday that he still isn’t ready to speculate on how he’ll be impacted by the finger blister that he pitched through on Monday night.

“It’s kind of hit and miss,’’ he said. “I think tomorrow I’ll know more. I don’t throw on the day after I pitch and I haven’t gotten any treatment yet. I’m more optimistic than I was the last time.”

Cashner said he didn’t really experience discomfort from the blister until the third inning of Monday’s game, but he stayed in the game and completed six innings.

Hanser’s quest

Hanser Alberto entered Tuesday’s game with multi-hit performances in seven of his past 12 games. He’s batting .312, which would be good enough for fourth in the American League if he had enough at-bats to qualify for the rankings. Based on the formula of 3.1 plate appearances times the total number of games the Orioles have played, he started Tuesday night just nine short of the 223 plate appearances he needed to quality. Stay tuned.