Clearly, Brandon Hyde's patience with Orioles pitching staff stretched to the limit

Oakland, Calif. — Orioles manager Brandon Hyde clearly had seen enough. He has worked hard to put a positive spin on what is fast becoming an impossible situation, but Tuesday night’s embarrassing 16-2 loss to the Oakland Athletics put his stoic manner to the ultimate test.

When veteran reliever Dan Straily could not keep the ball in one of baseball’s biggest parks after allowing four homers at Camden Yards just four days earlier, Hyde could hold back no longer.


“It was 6-2 in the sixth inning and then it was just really bad baseball after that,’’ he said. “Pretty embarrassing again, and with a bullpen day tomorrow, we’re in a tough spot. That’s hard to watch.”

Everyone knew there would be days such as this, but Hyde obviously wasn’t prepared for there to be so many and to be so helpless to do much about them.


He left Straily in to finish the game because he couldn’t afford to use any more relievers with the Orioles set to play the finale of the three-game series at Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday afternoon.

“You’ve got to be able to get people out in the big leagues,” he said. “You get paid to get people out and we just have nights when we do and have nights when we don’t.”

Hyde has been increasingly willing to speak frankly about the talent gap that the Orioles have not been able to bridge during the first year of their rebuilding program, but this game almost defied explanation.

“I really haven’t probably digested this one,” he said. “That’s really difficult to watch and we just have had way too many of those type of games this year and I’m just looking forward to the day when we have waves of arms here that are impact guys that can get people out, and, right now, we don’t have enough of them.”

When Hyde was asked if he was concerned about the negative impact that a blowout of such discouraging magnitude might have on his young team, he tried to move the conversation forward again.

“We’ve had a bunch of them,” Hyde said, “but we usually come out and play pretty good the next day, so hopefully we'll come out tomorrow and do that.”