Schmuck: Vice president Brady Anderson defends Orioles' commitment to win

Orioles vice president of baseball operations Brady Anderson said during his FanFest media session that he thinks owner Peter Angelos is doing everything possible — and more — to field a winning team under the franchise’s market constraints.

"I do,” Anderson said. “We have an owner … if it's not clear he's willing to spend beyond our market position, it never will be, so resources haven't been an issue with us in quite some time."


With the Orioles coming off their first losing season in the Buck Showalter-Dan Duquette era, it was obvious from reactions and questions at some of the fan forums that there is some discontent with the slow progress of this offseason.

Anderson acknowledged that things have not moved at a rapid pace, when he was asked how he would characterize the offseason so far.


"Stagnant, maybe,” he said. “It seems like the market is a little bit odd in [terms of] free agency. Early on, we saw middle relievers — seventh-, eighth-inning guys — getting huge contracts and there are a lot of starters out there not getting offers, it seems. It's probably been the oddest that I can remember as far as free-agent signings … who's got the deals and who hasn't."

He said the Orioles, in particular, have been in this position before and come away with value at the back end of the market.

"Dan, traditionally, likes to wait and look for value late in the offseason. … Nelson Cruz is a perfect example of how that benefited us,” Anderson said. “So now has been sort of similar. Just the lack of signings for some of these big names is sort of unprecedented in my memory."

The gloom-and-doom preseason outlook, he added, is nothing new.

"We've been dismissed, sort of, since 2012,” he said. “We made the playoffs in 2012 and were picked to finish last the next year. We usually outplay our predictions, and that can be a good motivator but certainly not the primary motivator. You have to be motivated whether you're picked to win it or picked for last place."