Stay hungry: Looking back at Adam Jones' foodie adventures on Instagram

Adam Jones had a robust social media presence throughout his years as an Oriole, including a large following on Instagram, where more than 132,000 of his fans were treated to savory closeups of Jones’ daily food choices.

With the center fielder’s contract expiring at the end of the season, Sunday was likely Jones’ last game as an Oriole.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks — following Jones on either Instagram or Twitter was an adventure in dining. He was as well known for foodtography and his #stayhungry hashtag as his steady, productive and entertaining leadership of the Orioles.

Pancakes, pork chops, salmon sushi, steamed crabs, egg sandwiches, waffles and Popeye’s fried chicken -- Jones snapped photos of his meals, usually before taking a single bite, sometimes only after sampling the fare, and posted them on Instagram just about every day. No subject, not even his shoe choices, so dominated @simplyaj1o’s Instagram posts.


"I don't really like talking about food; I just post pictures of food,” he told a Sun reporter in 2012.

When a couple of Orioles tried to improve nutrition choices in the clubhouse by pushing green smoothies and other superfoods, Jones and former teammate Nick Markakis were considered the players most resistant to the healthy choices and most in need of reform.

But while Jones enjoyed treating his followers to images of huge hamburgers and steamy, gooey cheesesteak subs, he also was seen now and then in the company of fruits and vegetables. As recently as July 9, his lunch choice was grilled salmon with sauce verte, a large pile of fresh string beans and a chickpea salad.


Four days later, however, Jones tweeted his longing for Dangerously Delicious Pies, and, in a random comment, apparently about his critics, he said, “A lot of cowards hide behind they keyboards. But hey, I’m still eating steaks and donuts so ima good.”

In each of the past five years, Jones turned his love of hearty food into a fundraiser. He hosted the #StayHungry Purple Tailgate before a Ravens home game to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Baltimore. Last year, the event netted more than $100,000. Another is planned for Nov. 25, when the Ravens play Raiders.