Remembering 1983: A look at the Orioles' world championship for the week of May 13-19

It’s a breakout week for the Orioles, who win six of seven and pad their lead in the American League East to two games.

Want heroes?

Dan Ford hits game-winning eighth-inning home runs on consecutive nights against the Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays — the latter on the right fielder’s 31st birthday.

Lenn Sakata shakes off the rust in a 14-11 victory over the Texas Rangers by getting his first two hits of the season, a single in the ninth inning and a two-run go-ahead double in the 11th.

In his first big league start in since 1980, rookie right-hander Mike Boddicker — just up from the minors — spins a five-hitter, defeating Chicago, 5-0.

“He [Boddicker] wasn’t in awe of anything, and he showed it,” manager Joe Altobelli says afterward.

In back-to-back wins at Texas, the Orioles shred the Rangers’ staff and its league-leading 2.97 ERA, winning 8-1 and 14-11. Twenty-one year-old Storm Davis, a native Texan, wins the first game with 46 relatives whooping in the stands. John Lowenstein homers in both games.

The only blip is a 2-1 loss to the Rangers in which Eddie Murray is ejected in the first inning for the oddest of reasons. Umpire Ken Kaiser tosses the Orioles slugger for mimicking him — folding his arms and glaring at the arbiter. Murray never says a word but still gets the heave-ho.

It’s the Orioles’ best week to date, but a crash is coming.

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